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learn to scoot with Scooter Stars

Scooters are a great, accessible form of exercise and active travel.

We teach children how to scoot safely with our fun filled sessions.

What we're about

Our Courses

Scooter Stars runs training for EYFS and KS1 children. Our courses are fun, dynamic and get the kids moving.

Quality Instruction

At Scooter Stars, our instructors are fully trained and DBS checked and have a valid First Aid certificate.

Why scoot ?

Scooters encourage active travel and are a great way to get your kids exercising without them realising.

Scooter Stars

Scoot for health !

Scooting is a great way for children to stay fit and exercise.

They also are a fantastic way to encourage active travel to and from schools and get both parents and kids moving.

Want to learn more ?

Why Scooter Stars ?

Our specially designed courses teach kids skills on their scooters through a range of fun exercises and games.

Our aim is to get children active whist remaining safe. We’ll bring along scooters and helmets for kids that don’t have them to try so no-one misses out.

Our instructors are fully trained and are DBS checked.

We are here to help!

Our courses are primarily aimed at EYFS and KS1 aged children.

Scooters are relatively easy to master compared to cycling. We train children in a safe controlled environments whilst they are having fun with their friends.

Our Courses

how We can help

We run several courses which are aimed at EYFS and KS1 children.

The outcomes we aim to achieve from our training are to develop balance and control of the scooter and most importantly for the kids to have had a fun learning experience.

With EYFS aged children, we aim to get them starting, stopping and gliding on their scooters safely.

For older, KS1 children we build on that and introduce how to ride safely on pavements and how to check their scooter for defects. All of our training is done in a playground environment.

At the end of the session, as well as new skills, all the children will receive a badge, sticker and certificate of completion that can be handed out in assembly.

The sessions aim to encourage active travel which is a great benefit for us all as it reduces the amount of traffic on our roads,  gets other family members exercising, and creates a healthier society. Scooters are a great, fun, environmentally friendly way to get around

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